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Thoughts on Impermanence: Schopenhauer

I believe it is time for my return to serious philosophical enquiry. One can only be permitted to dwell in grief for so long. The content of my mind will be the final monument to a love so cherished, and … Continue reading

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Happiness v. Virtue: A Quote by Henry Sidgwick

It’s been a week since my last post, and I apologize. In fact, my last post wasn’t that great. It was a drunk and delirious tirade that didn’t deserve to stay up, so I shit canned it. Needless to say … Continue reading

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Been gone a long time

Sorry for the really fucking long absence, everyone. Shit has been severely, severely fucked up for a while. It’s like a giant shit bomb went off, and every single thing in my life was covered in it. Yeah, I’ve been … Continue reading

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