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Suffering and The Self: What Buddhism Says About Both

This is a doozey, folks! Took me 10 hours, but I think it’s a coherent piece that is very informative, and certainly thought provoking. At any rate, it’s the most up-beat thing I’ve written , so enjoy it while it … Continue reading

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J.S. Mill’s “On Liberty”: The Case Against Paternalism

A note before the reading: This entry is pure philosophy. Once I am able to better wrap my mind around some bewildering events that recently transpired with a certain someone, I’ll try to write about it. For now, there are … Continue reading

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Interesting ideas in the works…

So I know that my last post seems… Well, a lot like shaking a fist at the heavens as opposed to serious philosophical work. If that’s your view, you’re pretty much right on. I was a lot less drunk than … Continue reading

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Ultimate love

Let’s have a quick thought experiment. Think about love. What makes it profound? What makes it worthwhile? What makes one love more significant, or, dare I say, real, than other kinds of love? People often say, “You can’t love a … Continue reading

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Frederick William Robertson and My Favorite Quote

It is an awful moment when the soul begins to find that the props upon which it has blindly rested are, many of them, rotten, and begins to suspect them all; when it begins to feel the nothingness of many … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Faith and Induction

If the problem of induction tells us that we are not justified in establishing law-like relations in science, then upon what do we base our certainty that the sun will “rise” tomorrow, or that magnetic poles of opposite charge will … Continue reading

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Further consideration on “Tolstoy’s Choice”

Dear Philosophers, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “choice” presented by Tolstoy in My Confession. I am presently stuck with the position that there really is no answer that has especially strong justification. Here’s the puzzle for which I … Continue reading

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