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A quote on free will, and God’s abandonment…

“Living life under the pretense of free will is a heart breaking, and mistaken way to cope in vain with the persistent betrayals of our cold, distant, and silent God” –K.W. Richardson

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Euthyphro: Evaluation and Implications for Divine Command Theory

In Euthyphro,Socrates and Euthyphro, a self-proclaimed pious man, debate the question of whether an act is pious because it is loved by the gods (theory A), or if the gods love certain acts because they are pious (theory B). Supposing … Continue reading

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Happiness v. Virtue: A Quote by Henry Sidgwick

It’s been a week since my last post, and I apologize. In fact, my last post wasn’t that great. It was a drunk and delirious tirade that didn’t deserve to stay up, so I shit canned it. Needless to say … Continue reading

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White Privilege: A Brief Inspection

My Dear Readers, The following is a brief inspection of the theory of white privilege. I was forced by a terrible professor of mine to write a piece on white privilege as a way of making amends for offending her … Continue reading

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The Problem With the World

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski

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Whiskey at 4am

It never seems to matter how much whiskey you drink, there’s never a good enough reason to go to bed… And there’s never, ever a reason to wake up. I wonder how long things are meant to hurt for…

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My New Life

Most people haven’t yet read what I’m about to post, so I’m posting it here on the primary page of my blog. I didn’t think to post it here until this morning when a beautiful and intelligent writer friend of … Continue reading

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On Hope: Wisdom From My Beloved Professor

So I received some correspondence from a professor of mine who is vastly more enlightened than I am, and has powerful insight into very esoteric fields of study in philosophy and religion. The woman is a true master of minds, … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I’ve been struggling for days to come up with a post for you all that will yield some benefit, or help you in your philosophical endeavors, but as of late I am completely without inspiration. Frankly, my heart and mind … Continue reading

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On Vagueness: Evaluating the Linguistic, Metaphysical, and Epistemic Theories

Alright philosophers, another serious philosophical post tonight. It’s not that I don’t have more gut-wrenching things to talk about – I most certainly do – but I have been trying to use some of what I learned in my study … Continue reading

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