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Hope and Grief

How do people deal with grief? More specifically, how does grief ever get “properly” dealt with? We all hear that time heals all wounds, and that God has a plan, but when you’re in the midst of a profound loss, … Continue reading

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Ultimate love

Let’s have a quick thought experiment. Think about love. What makes it profound? What makes it worthwhile? What makes one love more significant, or, dare I say, real, than other kinds of love? People often say, “You can’t love a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Faith and Induction

If the problem of induction tells us that we are not justified in establishing law-like relations in science, then upon what do we base our certainty that the sun will β€œrise” tomorrow, or that magnetic poles of opposite charge will … Continue reading

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Convincing? I don’t think so! (There’s irony afoot…)

Music playing at the moment: Moonface (w/Siinai)- “Quickfire, I Tried” – Heartbreaking Bravery – Jagjaguwar (2012). (Skip ahead to the squiggles to get right to the purpose of the post if you don’t give a shit about all this…) … Continue reading

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Further consideration on “Tolstoy’s Choice”

Dear Philosophers, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “choice” presented by Tolstoy in My Confession. I am presently stuck with the position that there really is no answer that has especially strong justification. Here’s the puzzle for which I … Continue reading

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A conversation between my professor and I…

Fellow Philosophers, So as I adjust to a very diminished work load, and actually have some time to tend to various obligations that have been put off for some months, I have recently begun my study of “life’s meaning” in … Continue reading

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Using Philosophy of Science to Evaluate Claims in Philosophy of Religion

I offer this post as a tribute to my exceptionally well-spoken colleague at Please excuse the “flat-earthed” numbskullery throughout the essay, but I think that you’ll find the treatment a bit more thorough than the last. πŸ™‚ Yours In … Continue reading

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Burglars, or ghosts?

The sun was out and a tremendous crowd waded belly-high in the shallow waters near the aft port side of the massive vessel. It must have been well over 100 feet high at the railing that I dangled from. Swinging … Continue reading

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