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On Hope: Wisdom From My Beloved Professor

So I received some correspondence from a professor of mine who is vastly more enlightened than I am, and has powerful insight into very esoteric fields of study in philosophy and religion. The woman is a true master of minds, … Continue reading

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I Still Care for You

Go download this song right the fuck now. Then drink whiskey with me. – Kierkegaard “I Still Care For You” by Ray LaMontagne “Hear me out Day follows day Light turns to clay in my hands How to explain, So … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I’ve been struggling for days to come up with a post for you all that will yield some benefit, or help you in your philosophical endeavors, but as of late I am completely without inspiration. Frankly, my heart and mind … Continue reading

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On Vagueness: Evaluating the Linguistic, Metaphysical, and Epistemic Theories

Alright philosophers, another serious philosophical post tonight. It’s not that I don’t have more gut-wrenching things to talk about – I most certainly do – but I have been trying to use some of what I learned in my study … Continue reading

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Suffering and The Self: What Buddhism Says About Both

This is a doozey, folks! Took me 10 hours, but I think it’s a coherent piece that is very informative, and certainly thought provoking. At any rate, it’s the most up-beat thing I’ve written , so enjoy it while it … Continue reading

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The Eggshells of Racism: Tread Lightly

Black women. Two words that, without any additional context, are completely innocuous. There is no further meaning or semantic content within the conventional implicature about the descriptive, “two black women.” Suppose then that additional content is furnished, say, that you … Continue reading

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The Stillness That Night Brings

It’s the night that I find most dreadful. When all the billboards peddling beer, and undressed women stop speeding by; when the frantic rhythm of footsteps slow, and the seemingly implacable ringing of telephones stop; when you stop looking ahead, … Continue reading

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The Description Theory of Reference: Gottlob Frege v. Saul Kripke

Alright philosophers, so I know I’ve been promising something besides my pensive self-loathing, and I come to you now to make good on that promise. It isn’t about esoteric morality, which I will eventually get to, but at the moment … Continue reading

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Scrap of paper

I’ve been trying to channel my negative feelings into a more creative outlet. Here’s a scrap of paper that I scribbled down recently. I’ll work on it some more and try to develop the idea a bit, but here’s the … Continue reading

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J.S. Mill’s “On Liberty”: The Case Against Paternalism

A note before the reading: This entry is pure philosophy. Once I am able to better wrap my mind around some bewildering events that recently transpired with a certain someone, I’ll try to write about it. For now, there are … Continue reading

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