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The Legitimate State’s Right to Control Immigration

A quick note before beginning: I wrote this as a member of an extant state, in the real world. I didn’t waste my time drawing up a libertarian argument for the way things should be, and especially not under ideal … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Impermanence: Schopenhauer

I believe it is time for my return to serious philosophical enquiry. One can only be permitted to dwell in grief for so long. The content of my mind will be the final monument to a love so cherished, and … Continue reading

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To Be Born Again…

I feel like doing something drastic. At this point I think something drastic is necessary. I feel like shaving my beard. Or my head. Maybe both. I feel like getting all of my tattoos removed, or getting a whole shit-load … Continue reading

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I hate that feeling when you don’t know what to do with yourself; when you’re alone, and there’s plenty to do, but you don’t do any of it because all of it seems foreign, like you just walked into a … Continue reading

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Showered and Blue-Blazered…

I hate the early morning, and the ugly light of sunrise; it’s the harbinger of meticulously knotted ties, and thick black, bitter drinks. I hate the way I speak, as if everything is important; everything is funny, everything is fine. … Continue reading

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A Note to My Love on the Day of My Death

I fear the permanent silence that comes when death loosens the knots of life, and we slip into the undiscovered country. I fear that hole in my heart knowing that it’s something that can never be repaired; that absolution is … Continue reading

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