Happiness v. Virtue: A Quote by Henry Sidgwick

It’s been a week since my last post, and I apologize. In fact, my last post wasn’t that great. It was a drunk and delirious tirade that didn’t deserve to stay up, so I shit canned it. Needless to say I got some incredibly heartbreaking news on Valentine’s Day. I’ll fill you in on the details… Eventually.

For now my research on ethics is yielding some really interesting propositions in terms of options for how I choose to see the world; some of which conveniently vindicate past choices I’ve made in life, and with surprisingly similar reasons, although they were unknown to me at the time. (You can find them here at, ““Been Gone a Long Time” )One such gem comes from Henry Sidgwick, who I’ve been studying recently. The following comes from “The Methods of Ethics:”

“Apart from any consideration of future consequences, we should generally agree that a man who sacrificed happiness to an erroneous conception of virtue or beauty made a mistaken choice.”

Again, it’s nice to see vindication for beliefs previously held. I have tons more to say on this, but my time is as low as the contents of my rocks glass. A thorough treatment on this, and V-Day are forthcoming.

In the meantime, turn the lights off, light a candle, put on some baroque lute music, or Tobias Hume, drink two glasses of red back to back, and watch the shadows play across your wall. In such an anesthetized state, safe contemplation of terribly painful things becomes possible.

Yours in Contemplation,

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1 Response to Happiness v. Virtue: A Quote by Henry Sidgwick

  1. whitefrozen says:

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a must read for ethics.

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