Whiskey at 4am

It never seems to matter how much whiskey you drink, there’s never a good enough reason to go to bed… And there’s never, ever a reason to wake up.

I wonder how long things are meant to hurt for…

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1 Response to Whiskey at 4am

  1. While the sun sleeps. says:

    Sounds about right, until you are no longer the main character in the story, friend. Come. Have a seat next to me. See there, a character much resembling you- on the screen.

    He takes another swig of whisky- alone, in that quiet and empty house. Listening to some songs slumped on the couch. His brown eyes grow tired and he dreads the idea of sleep. More so, the idea of morning. Nobody likes mornings anyway. It’s cold- and again empty.

    The attention now focuses on character #two- a young woman. Said to be beautiful- sits alone in her room. She is alone most of her days. It always gets to her. You can see in her eyes she is in love. She longs for affection and reassurance. She is very insecure. Lost. Undereducated. She too can not find a reason for sleep. For when she wakes may only be another disappointing day that keeps her trapped inside her lonely mind.

    (Your still with me right, watching her- she is falling asleep now)

    Inevitably enough, the night takes her. Alone, cold, and somewhat irritated she has no choice but to surrender – and the nightmares sink in.

    Little lady awakens- and as everyday she grabs her phone- you know- waiting for that,” good morning, beautiful” text she never receives.
    She pushes thru her days. But grateful for the ones she does have. She always finds solace in that one person. He comes off as this, smart, caring, protecting, guiding figure she doesn’t have. She is intrigued by this figure. Little did she know he suffers as she, probably more- could be equal in different ways. He has been there for her since he could have been. And she would do the same. She looks forward to his forever welcoming arms and longs for his strength to fuel hers. For now. Some beings need others to find where they need to be in life-

    Keep your spirit high good sir, we all have negatives – we don’t realize the positives we make for others who depend on us to wake up.

    I’m sure she loves you- and tho it is not the love you long for- it is true.

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