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Whiskey at 4am

It never seems to matter how much whiskey you drink, there’s never a good enough reason to go to bed… And there’s never, ever a reason to wake up. I wonder how long things are meant to hurt for…

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My New Life

Most people haven’t yet read what I’m about to post, so I’m posting it here on the primary page of my blog. I didn’t think to post it here until this morning when a beautiful and intelligent writer friend of … Continue reading

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Update on yesterday’s post, and something in the works

I’ve updated my post from yesterday. Actually it’s more like I added something to the end, and fixed some errors. I’m contemplating posting a piece I wrote 8 months ago titled, “A Supplication to the Devil.” It’s a very personal … Continue reading

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On Hope: Wisdom From My Beloved Professor

So I received some correspondence from a professor of mine who is vastly more enlightened than I am, and has powerful insight into very esoteric fields of study in philosophy and religion. The woman is a true master of minds, … Continue reading

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