Scrap of paper

I’ve been trying to channel my negative feelings into a more creative outlet. Here’s a scrap of paper that I scribbled down recently. I’ll work on it some more and try to develop the idea a bit, but here’s the unfinished work…

This is where hell is.
You’ve summoned the beast with your tarot cards, and your book of oracles.
Memory is a nervous twitch and travels at light speed
How does it feel?
This is time travel, we journey together…
Save for the ropes, no, i travel alone
She is the image of beauty for whom all cliches derive.
Has not the sky turned red?
Or is it just these red blinking eyes like stop lights made of water?
What have you done?
Oh the beautiful grave you’ve made for her…
And the wondrous statue that sits upon it,
Made to resemble her every feature.
But it all shines too brightly for you-
The pyre you set to immolate, or to honor your vanity?
Whose blood pays the penance for this sin?
Pray it is your own, and let her rest in peace.

Yours in Contemplation,

About facedownphilosophy

Proud recipient of the "Award for Outstanding Excellence in the Field of Unrivaled Superiority"
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