Interesting ideas in the works…

So I know that my last post seems… Well, a lot like shaking a fist at the heavens as opposed to serious philosophical work. If that’s your view, you’re pretty much right on. I was a lot less drunk than normal, but my internal dialogue has become a lot darker these days. God really does seem to have disappeared into the darkness, and life is getting shittier and shittier by the day.

Zerubabel won freedom for the Jews by answering a riddle posed to him by King Cyrus during Court. The question? What’s more powerful? Wine, woman, or the king? Much deliberation took place, but Zerubabel was the only to answer with enough profundity to impress Cyrus. Zerubabel accurately answered that woman had more than the others, but that truth prevailed against all powers. Now clearly I’m always concerned with truth, but I am, personally speaking, more affected by the power of a woman than by anything else. No misfortune that assails me has the power to reduce my mind or will to rubble quite like the careless and arbitrary will of this magnificently cruel and beautiful woman. I have had no fear of losing anything in life, save love. As I see its back turned to me, I struggle to function as a human being, much less an intelligent one.

At any rate, I have been reading up on esoteric morality, particularly Sidgwick, and plan to write some thoughts on it very, very soon. It will be good, as I imagine it will provide a release for so much of this debilitating sorrow.

Thanks to all those who have kept coming to my blog despite the long absence. It was nice to see that people were still interested.

Oh, and read Schopenhauer.

Yours in Contemplation,

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