Wine and regret

Love – It is very much like a bottle of wine, my friend. When the bottle is full, it is filled with passion and excitement because it still possesses its essence. You drink of it, and drink of it still, and in due time, its essence is depleted. The inevitability is that you are left with a vessel, empty and without life. This empty bottle is now a mere monument to the times you had when it was full; such is the penance for drinking of the ones you love too deeply.

– K.W. Richardson

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2 Responses to Wine and regret

  1. Ryan says:

    Does that describe love, lust, or something else?

    • I can say unequivocally that it is NOT referring to lust. The love that I speak of – or that I had in mind when I wrote it – refers to the love I’ve had with friends, and also the love that I have had with paramours. I see the latter as being a sort of enhancement upon the former because I can’t fathom having a lover that is not also a friend and confidant. So this particular, shall we say, revelation, came from my recollection of friends that I’ve lost by asking too much of them, or lovers that I have hurt by taking too much. It was the heartbreaking realization that not only had I lost the ones I loved the most, but that I lost them because of things I had done. There were no accidents of fate, or changes of heart; there was just me expecting too much from people who were already giving me everything they had. So now – here, right now – there is just regret, and begging for the hope of redemption at the feet of the people I harmed.


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