Burglars, or ghosts?

The sun was out and a tremendous crowd waded belly-high in the shallow waters near the aft port side of the massive vessel. It must have been well over 100 feet high at the railing that I dangled from. Swinging back and forth I decided to do a corkscrew/back-flip from the curiously tall and over-the-water bar that I was to jump from back onto the deck. Some miscalculation took place and I slammed face first into the side of the top deck, then plummeted 100 feet to the cool water. Miraculously, I was unhurt, and was laughing hysterically along with the rest of the onlookers!

Bam! Then I woke up. The laughter in my dream translated to actual laughter in “real life” and actually caused me to wake up. Still chuckling, but dry in the throat I reached over to my nightstand and took a drink of water. Having my fill, I laid my head back down to return to whatever insane bullshit awaited me in the dream world. It wasn’t more than 10 seconds later, at exactly 4:34am that I heard the sounds of a creaking door hinge being opened slowly…

I sat up in a jolt, and then sat completely still waiting to hear anything else. In a house as old as mine, almost everything makes a noise when moving through it. If someone was in my house I was damn sure going to hear it. Moments later I heard the unmistakeable sounds of two men chattering in very hushed tones, and immediately after, the same creaking sound. I shot out of bed and to the corner of the room, grabbed my Mauser, and loaded the chamber; it was time to put my Modern Warfare training into practice. At first I moved furtively and quickly, making as little noise as possible, anticipating the discovery of an intruder in, or trying to gain access to my home. The creak sounded like it could have been the front door screen, so I checked there first. Nothing. Peering outside in the darkness revealed no signs of life. I quickly ran to my study and knelt beside the door looking out into my black-as-pitch backyard. Still nothing. I then began flicking on all the lights and ripping open doors – still nothing.

After 15 minutes or so I returned to bed. Filled with adrenaline and a racing heart, I tried to quiet my mind from its suspicions. Still, I had heard something. It was absolutely one of the doors to my house, and I heard the voices of two men, though I could not hear what they said.

Minutes pass, and I’m falling asleep. At this point its about 5 o’clock. Out of the silence, a horrendous racket comes from the bathroom just down the hall. Something had crashed against the wall, and then the floor. Without even grabbing my gun this time, I sprint for the bathroom, flick the light on and… nothing is there. I look around and find only the evidence of the bottle of baby shampoo having been thrown inside the shower.

I have no explanations for the events last night. I am certain with regards to what I heard, but not so certain about who or what was the cause.  It kept me from sleep for the remainder of the evening. So much for having a fully rested mind as I endeavor to write my paper.

I wonder what was the cause of all that commotion last night…

Yours in contemplation,


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1 Response to Burglars, or ghosts?

  1. things left unexplained are always terrifying yet enticing. whether it be something harmless or threatening, I feel that lacking any understanding of its cause is worse than receiving any answer at all. but it can continually hold your interest with its ability to give yourself endless explanations, which is something worth pondering over.

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