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Ode to friends

I have been listening to this song for a couple of weeks and felt especially selfish keeping it all to myself. Here are the lyrics… I’ve seen the end All I have loved had broke and won’t mend. Call in … Continue reading

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Burglars, or ghosts?

The sun was out and a tremendous crowd waded belly-high in the shallow waters near the aft port side of the massive vessel. It must have been well over 100 feet high at the railing that I dangled from. Swinging … Continue reading

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Metaphor of Ships

Friends and philosophers, I apologize for being so dilatory with my posts, but the fact is that as finals approach, deadlines must be met, papers submitted, and study guides created and memorized. It’s a whirlwind process that surely you’re all … Continue reading

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Protected: Oh man…. this is hard

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Evaluating the skeptical theistic response to the problem of evil…

Ok, today’s post is a doozy! A lot of effort went in to it, so I hope you enjoy it. If you have anything to add, feel free to berate my cognitive abilities and slap me with a post. One … Continue reading

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80’s sitcom advice, where are you when I need you!?

Remember being young, and emotional? When everything was so huge, and grandiose, and you were just coming into your ability to feel these terribly overwhelming emotions for the first time? Back then it was appropriate to be in over your … Continue reading

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Divine Command Theory

I just read the most maddening, illogical, and vapid attempt at a legitimate treatment on the source of moral action. It is by a theist nit-wit named Janine Marie Idziak. I won’t go into all of the reasons why it … Continue reading

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Brand new shit! Read it! Or don’t, I don’t care.

Two things: 1) My chair is either too fucking low, or my MBP is too fucking high. Which ever one it is, it’s pissing me off and making me feel like I’m working out my shoulders, which is bullshit because … Continue reading

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I know, I know…

So I’ve been meaning to get to writing a follow up, but I’ve been extra busy since my first post. Doing what you ask? Not that it’s any of your god damn business, but I’ve been studying my balls off … Continue reading

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